Sub Zero has introduced an emergency mobile medical unit on a CV.
Story by Deepti Thore

Specialising in reefer boxes, Sub Zero Insulation Tech Pvt. Ltd. (Sub Zero) has introduced an emergency mobile medical unit on a CV. An offshoot of Jayanand Khira, which was established in 1949 under the aegis of the Khira Group, the company has leveraged the experience and know-how of its parent company to develop the mobile medical unit. It has done so to aid the government organisations and various other bodies to deal with the menace of Covid-19. Finding an opportunity as various measures are initiated to upgrade the health care network to deal with such unprecedented health challenges, Sub Zero has developed the mobile medical unit to fit on a 10- to 12-tonne truck chassis. Made with use in remote areas in view, the mobile medical unit, according to Sub Zero, has innovative features like portability and expansion module. If these make the mobile medical unit distinctive, it is also had with an amount of customisation to address specific requirements.

As part of a strategy to foray into new segments like healthcare by building ambulances as well, Sub Zero is offering the mobile medical units at competitive costs. Available with diverse internal layout arrangements, and different equipment types for applications like dental health care, ENT, orthopaedic, blood collection, etc., the portable mobile medical units have been developed to bridge the gap between rural and urban healthcare. They have been designed to ensure rapid response in the case of an emergency. Revealing that his company is in discussion with several OEMs, Khira mentioned that the portable mobile medical unit is also ideal for corporates to carry out their CSR activities; for government agencies, defence organisations, hospitals, NGOs and others. Providing a comfortable space for the purpose, the portable mobile medical units have been designed to ensure that they can reach remote destinations. They thus have a loading span of approximately 20 ft.

Having filed for a patent, the portable mobile medical unit that Sub Zero has designed, is a result of consultation with leading architects and doctors. To make it a fully functional mobile clinic, which is the need of the times, the company used engineered sandwich panels. “This would help make them reliable and light in weight,” said Deep Khira, CEO, Sub Zero Insulation Tech Pvt. Ltd. Built at the company’s Pune facility, the portable mobile medical units are powered by an external power supply or an onboard diesel generator. The units could also be had with solar panels as an option. Priced in the range of Rupees-six lakhs to Rs.19 lakhs, the portable mobile medical units have been designed and developed to maintain the necessary hygiene levels. Insulated against heat and sound, the portable mobile medical units could be equipped with more facilities onboard. It could be expanded using two-to-three people in less than 30 minutes to create double the floor area.

With expansion and portability modules as one of the unique features of this mobile unit, a combination of electrical actuators and winches help open up the expansion module to make it more versatile. Provided with hydraulic legs to dismount the unit from the chassis, allowing it to be used as a stationary unit as well, the portable mobile medical units are highly localised. Only a few raw materials are sourced from Germany, averred Khira. He added, “We keep ready stock of most raw materials in order to offer a quick turnaround to the customers.” Had with or without air-conditioning, the portable mobile medical units conform to a special body code, according to Khira. “Our bodies under truck body code are in the final stage of certification,” he informed. Seeking registration under a special purpose vehicle category, Sub Zero has designed and developed the portable mobile medical units in the form of a truck-mounted application.

Capable of travelling places or operating as a standalone unit, the portable mobile medical units are durable and long-lasting, according to Khira. Offered as a basic version or as a turnkey solution, the portable mobile medical units are likely to roll out of the company’s facility at Chennai as well. With the basic version featuring an empty shell with basic features like two rooms — one for consultation and other for treatment, the other (turnkey) version combines basic as well as specialised features such as an air-conditioning system, hospital beds and furniture (that includes tables, chairs, storage cabinet, etc.). While the basic units are fitted with two toilets or one shower and one toilet as per the requirement, the other (turnkey) version is equipped with facilities like stretchers, ventilators, sterilisers, blood pressure monitor, x-ray monitor, ECG machine, and a fully equipped surgery bed. Offered with a wash basin, roof lights and electric supply points, the other (turnkey) version of the portable mobile medical units is had with allied surgery equipment like surgical lights and other specialised medical equipment as per the requirement.

Equipped with PVC tanks for fresh and wastewater, and with hydraulic legs to support the unit without a truck chassis under, the portable mobile medical units are supported by Sub Zero’s expertise and experience in building insulated reefer bodies. Combining this expertise and experience with the art of building RVs, the company is looking to promote the expandable units as ‘FlexiBox’. Said Khira, that they used the downtime to plan this product-line. A decision to enter this field was taken after much deliberation and market research, he added. Of the opinion that such portable medical units will be the future of mobile healthcare in India, Khira averred that they are working on new products that would further address the requirements of the healthcare sector as well as some other sectors.

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