O9, a provider of AI software platform for transforming planning and decision-making, recently announced that Iveco Group has selected its o9 Digital Brain platform to digitally transform its S&OP, supply and demand planning, integrated business planning, and supplier collaboration capabilities on a global scale.

Iveco Group, which is active in the Commercial & Specialty Vehicles, Powertrain, and related Financial Services areas, is launching a strategic digital transformation initiative across all divisions to achieve full visibility across its supply chain. The aim is to enhance the decision-making capabilities of the manufacturer by breaking down internal silos and involving external partners in the planning process. The o9 platform will support Iveco Group’s journey by providing a seamless, cross-functional, integrated business planning process on a single platform. By leveraging o9, Iveco Group will be able to evaluate future supply chain risks, foster two-way collaboration with suppliers, and refine production planning, thereby improving delivery performance, optimizing inventory management, and boosting production throughput. By gaining end-to-end supply chain planning capabilities, Iveco Group will be able to improve business decision-making and ultimately deliver greater value to its customers.

Angela Qu, the Chief Supply Chain Officer at Iveco Group, stated that by digitally transforming their business processes with the help of o9, they aim to optimize their operations and gain comprehensive end-to-end insights across the supply chain. This will empower them to navigate complexities with more insights and agility, while also improving collaboration with their suppliers. Angela Qu further added that they are excited to partner with o9 on this strategic initiative, which is not just aimed at meeting but exceeding customer expectations, as well as unlocking untapped opportunities within their organization.

Chakri Gottemukkala, the Co-founder and CEO of o9, expressed his excitement on being selected by Iveco Group, a leading player in the industry, to support them in the planning and execution of their strategic vision for integrated business planning. With o9’s cutting-edge AI-powered platform, Iveco Group is expected to experience a significant shift in the way its planning teams work, leading to more reliable plans, faster two-way collaboration with suppliers, and freeing up time and resources for better decision-making. The platform is also expected to help Iveco Group achieve new levels of efficiency, resilience, and agility, providing more insights and clarity to navigate today’s volatile world.

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