Massey Ferguson has unveiled the upgraded 6S and the new 7S tractor lineup. Deepti Thore looks at the inclusions and implements for the series.

Massey Fergusson celebrated the ‘Born To Farm’ event with farming equipment and digital services for the farming community around the globe. Centred on ease of operability and profitability, the company launched the revamped 6S and 7S series of tractors. Providing smart farming options, the new tractors, according to Thierry Lhotte, Vice-President and Managing Director, Massey Ferguson- Europe and the Middle East, are claimed to deliver straightforward and dependable experience. “Supported by a range of ‘farmer’s first’ design features, and connected to a secured digital ecosystem that provides a range of services to deliver actionable and predictive data, they enable any farming business to make better decisions with the assurance of 100 per cent machine uptime, low Total Cost of Operation (TCO) and sustainable profitability”, he states in the company release.

Aimed at improving farmer productivity and crop yields, the new 6S series of five tractors replace the outgoing 6700 series. As a testimony to the product development objectives being met, the 6S encompasses five tractor variants with the four-cylinder, 135 hp to 200 hp offerings coupled with Engine Power Management (EPM). EPM here offers an additional juice of 15-20 hp to the operator for meeting transport, PTO work or the demanding hydraulic requirements. The 7S series of four tractors is a means to offer a step up to farmers looking at an intermediate offering between the 6S and the upper flagship 8S range. With the nine tractors across the two series, Massey Ferguson presents a strong case for tailor-made offerings to operators to in turn meet different duty cycles across farm acreage.

Designed in keeping with the neo-retro family design, these are claimed to offer higher levels of comfort and control. The 6S and 7S are claimed to deliver concentrated performance backed by smart operations. Through MF the Connect Telemetry feature, farmers can look forward to a seamless transfer of machine data through a secured cloud to the farm office desktop or mobile phone app. With big data, the farmer can look forward to scaling up the business, profitably with access to crucial metrics like machine location, fuel consumption, refuel requirement and machine health.


6S series

The 6S range of five tractors  MF 6S.135, MF 6S.145, MF 6S.155, MF 6S.165 and the MF 6S.180 present a choice of specifications Essential, Panoramic, Efficient and Exclusive. In terms of the operating environment, the cab of the 6S itself is known to have drawn legacy features from the flagship 8S. These include new air conditioning and a low NVH. The operator can look forward to a quieter (70 dBA) cabin. The Visio Roof option is claimed to improve the vision, providing a clear view of the load through the lift range. The MF E-Loader feature aids in loading accuracy, productivity and safety. For implements, it offers the Bucket Shake facility. This feature enables operators to weigh individual fork or bucket loads and record the total weights of each item, load or job. Operators get an integrated, factory-fitted loader sub-frame, along with an MF FL Series loader already fitted on select models. Through the Fieldstar 5 terminal option, operators can run all the smart farming operations on a dedicated interface.

The ease of operation is further enhanced with the Multipad (ISOBUS-compatible controller). Operatable with a single lever, the 4.75 m turning radius helps repeatability of operations and ease of manoeuvrability. This hub for tractor functions is connected to a user-friendly Datatronic 5.9-inch touch-screen terminal. In the Exclusive and Efficient variants, this terminal provides access to digital audio-video streams from radio and plug and play devices.

The 6S offers high power to weight ratio and Massey is claimed to have shaved off 400 kg in comparison to the six-cylinder variants. At 12.5-tonne Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) and 44.5-tonne Gross Combination Weight (GCW), the series is powered by the 4.9-litre AGCO Power engine. The ‘All-in-one’ Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) unit tucked under the cab helps 6S comply with the stringent Stage V emission norms. The engine can be mated to the Dyna-VT Super Eco, or the Dyna-6 Super-Eco, semi-powershift with AutoDrive as per operator requirement.

7S series

The 7S range of four tractors 7S.155, 7S.165, 7S.180 and 7S.190, essentially offers all the bells and whistles of the 6S series and allows the operator to meet their additional requirements with a 4.93 m turning radius. There is a three-point linkage lift capacity of 9.6-tonne on the rear and up to four-tonne at the front, with up to a 14-tonne Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) and a Gross Combination Weight (GCW) of up to 44.5-tonne. Its key USP is its six-cylinder AGCO Power engine that can be mated to the Dyna-6 or Dyna-VT transmissions.

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