Vedanta Aluminium unveils  #TheFutureOfMetAL campaign on the occasion of Women’s Day

Vedanta Aluminium unveils #TheFutureOfMetAL campaign on the occasion of Women’s Day

Ahead of International Women’s Day 2024, Vedanta Aluminium has launched #TheFutureOfMetAL, a compelling social media campaign on women in metals & mining. It leverages generative AI and short films to encourage more women to explore rewarding careers in these industries. The campaign comes as a response to industry efforts to increase female representation in the sectors, which has progressed slowly[Read More…]

Sandeep Kumar, 24 truck driver outisde his truck.

New Hit-and-Run Law To The Naked Eye

As the #BharatiyaNyayaSanhita (second) receives Presidential assent, ushering in a legal era with penalties of up to a decade, it stands poised to supplant the Indian Penal Code (IPC) dating back to 1860. Delve into the insights with Ashish Bhatia as he looks at the emerging perspectives on this pivotal legal transition with drivers at the forefront. Under Section 304A[Read More…]

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Premium Intercity ebus services

Premium Intercity ebus services

Into the Premium Inter-city bus segment, NueGo wants to become National player. Prateek Pardeshi looks at the on-road services.  Long-distance coaches have been evolving for years now. From those deluxe editions of 2×2 video coaches to the Volvo’s and Scania’s of the world. With an introduction to these, many STUs and fleet operators proudly own them resulting in fortune. With[Read More…]

How can logistics companies reduce operational costs?

How can logistics companies reduce operational costs?

Nitin O Mahipal, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Mega Pack & Carry writes about the logistics costs required to support goods suppliers. Logistics companies are the organisations that take care of the end-to-end movement. From the point of origin to the end for any products or services which reach your doorstep. The logistics services cover various areas of expenditure[Read More…]

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