Tyre Express, a start-up pioneering lifecycle management for fleet operators, has developed an IoT-based tyre performance management solution. Powered by the Azure IoT Hub, the tyre performance management solution is claimed to help build operational efficiency for commercial vehicle fleet operators by tracking tyre performance. Working on the premise that it costs between Rs.One and Rs1.5 lakh to procure CV tyres, the solution helps to extend the tyre life by monitoring tyre performance parameters like pressure and temperature. Helping fleet operators to monitor tyre performance in real time and track inventory, the solution, called as Microsoft Azure, offers information in the form of easy to understand dashboards. Operators are suggested to take suitable action based on the inputs, and improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve profitability. Capable of tracking and helping to control premature tyre failure in a vehicle, the solution, combining the power of IoT and Analytics, is expected to help a fleet operator save considerable amount of money that he would spend on tyres of his fleet.

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