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MECO Meters Pvt. Ltd., has launched a ‘Powerguard’ and ‘Thermal imaging camera’. Simple to use and easy to handle, the ‘Powerguard’ is designed to measure various parameters like Voltage (V), Current (mA), Power factor (PF), Power consumption (kW), Energy Usage Time (EUT), Energy consumption (kWh), Frequency (Hz) and Carbon Emission (CO2). The portable and light weight device is available in four models – PG07, PG08, PG09, PG09H, and is suitable for research and development, product design optimisation, and for quality checks. The thermal imaging camera (TIC300), combines the functions of surface temperature measurement and real-time thermal imaging. Unlike traditional thermal imaging cameras that measure each component individually, TIC300 does it together, saving crucial time. It works such that any potential problem is clearly displayed on the colour screen. This helps the customer to quickly locate the central point and temperature of the problem area. To improve recognition, TIC300 is equipped with a vision camera. Both the thermal image and visional image can be stored on the memory card.

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