Highlighting the trend of over-inflated electricity bills in rural India, the 2018 Hindi movie, Batti Gul Meter Chalu, features an Eicher 10.90L Starline bus of Uttarakhand Transport Corporation. It appears right at the start where one individual onboard the bus narrates a story to the other individual. He starts by depicting the two characters of the movie, Sushil Kumar aka S.K (played by Shahid Kapoor) who as a corrupt lawyer makes money through out-of-the-court settlements and by blackmailing businessmen whose products do not match their advertising claims and Sundar Mohan Tripathi (played by Divyendu Sharma) who starts a printing press that is charged with an inflated electricity bill of Rs.1.5 lakh (which gets further inflated to Rs.54 lakhs the next month). Both are childhood friends. Nauti (played by Shraddha Kapoor) at the other end, is a fashion designer who thinks the world of herself. In her quest to decide if S.K. or Tripathi make better husband material, she decides to date either for a week each. S.K., having seen Nauti with Tripathi, starts avoiding both.

As the case of inflated electricity bills spirals up the legal ladder, Tripathi approaches S.K. for help. S.K. refuses and the circumstances which follow, lead to Tripathi attempting suicide. Hearing of the news, S.K., overtaken by guilt, picks up a legal battle with the electricity company who is responsible for charging Tripathi’s press with the inflated bills. He finds himself against Gulnaar Rizvi (played by Yami Gautam) as the opposite side lawyer. As he is turning the case in his favour, Tripathi appears. Revealing the circumstances that led to him attempting suicide, Tripathi is cleared of any wrongdoing (with six months imprisonment and Rs.40,000 fine for attempting suicide). The court cancels the electricity company’s license and orders it to pay Tripathi Rs.10 lakh as compensation. The Eicher 10.90L makes yet another appearance as the storyteller ends his story onboard the bus.
Capable of seating 40 people with a 2×2 seating arrangement, the bus is powered by 107 hp, 3298 cc, four-cylinder E483 TCI CRDI diesel engine. It has a GVW of 8850 kg, and measures 9045 mm in length. Featuring semi-elliptic leaf springs and telescopic dampers at the front and rear, the bus has a wheelbase of 5165 mm. Featuring hydraulic power steering the bus is equipped with a 100-litre fuel tank. Fitted with a five-speed manual transmission, the bus has a pneumatic braking system.


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