The sixth International Police Expo 2021 delivered on its promise. It drew attention to the growing advancement in policing and security equipment and the government’s apparent intent to localise related manufacturing. Coming on the closing heels of defence import ban of ammunition and weapon systems in a push for indigenisation, and the government’s move to form seven new companies out of the Ordnance Factory Board (OFB), the exhibition aimed at delivering on enhanced functional autonomy, efficiency and further growth potential and innovation in line with the government’s vision of improving the nation’s self-reliance. At the International Police Expo, this year, automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) made a beeline as they demonstrated the focus on police and security equipment.

This year, more than 80 companies  across 15 countries displayed their innovative products and technology for the Police and other Armed Forces of India with technology showcases sourced from Singapore, Israel, USA, Taiwan, UK, Ukraine, UAE, Sweden, Poland and other leading police and defence products manufacturing nations. Senior officers like DGPs, ADGPs, IGPs, DIGPs, IPS Officers, Army, Airforce, Coast Guards, NSG Commandos, SPG Commandos, Forensic Lab Scientists, Government Officials from State Police Forces, CAPFs, CPOs, SPG, NSG, Parliament Security, DRDO, Army Design Bureau, PSUs & Industry Stakeholders are known to be among the 3500+ visitors this year. The sixth edition was testimony to efforts for hedging pure automotive downturns with such unconventional, and non-automotive revenue streams. The all-terrain armoured vehicles, advanced systems, and sophisticated arms and ammunition were among the attractions at the expo. The attempt was to connect equipment manufacturers and technology developers with personnel worldwide and present the business opportunities under one roof.


Key exhibits this year

Held at Pragati Maidan, in New Delhi, the International Police Expo 2021 had a wide showcase with the likelihood of tapping the interest of patrollers and commoners alike. From a distance in the exhibit area, it was easy to be drawn by the all-terrain armoured vehicles. The expo showcased the Sherp N 1200 tailor-made for niche applications like in the Border Security Force (BSF), for the Indian army besides in disaster management and rescue operations. The Sherp N 1200 also makes a strong case for private enterprises as a special application vehicle with its robust Russian build quality. Manufactured by Ukraine-based Quadro International, it is expected to be locally manufactured near Mohali, in Punjab. The raw power to pull this machine is made available by a Stage 5 (Tier4 Final) compliant 1.8-litre, three-cylinder D18 diesel engine (comes with a warranty of 3000 hours) from the South Korean engine manufacturer Doosan. It is mated to a six-speed mechanical Renault JR5 transmission unit that offers an extreme crawl ratio for tricky traversals. The Sherp churns out a peak rated power of 55 hp and a rated peak torque of 190 Nm with revs locked at 3000 rpm. The torque is applied to the four wheels by chains sealed in a hermetic chamber filled with oil. With its mass, the Sherp can still attain a top speed of 40 kmph while crawling at two kilometres per hour on the other end of the spectrum. It draws fuel from a primary 95-litre fuel tank supplemented by an additional four fuel canisters mounted in the deep dish of the wheel hub each with a 58-litre capacity. This translates to a cumulative 327-litre capacity and an operating range of 61 hours considering the fuel consumption of five to eight litres per hour (Read the complete review of the Sherp N 1200 in our September 2021 Issue).

The Indian pedigree of the Bharat Forge subsidiary Kalyani Strategic Systems manufactured by Kalyani Maverick did not let the Sherp N 1200 outshine it. The Kalyani Maverick looked at as an ace up the company’s sleeve held its own, and is touted as being single-handedly capable of winning the company prestigious contracts. The Maverick measures 6096 mm in length, 2560 mm in width and 2987 mm in height. An over 304 mm ground clearance with an approach angle of up to 30-degrees and a departure angle of 28 degrees makes it a capable vehicle. The capability is also defined by a six-cylinder turbo diesel engine housed in the monocoque hull chassis. It develops a rated peak power of 280 hp with the torque maxing out at 970 Nm. The engine is mated to an automatic six-speed transmission. Claimed to offer a superior mobility experience, a burst can lead to the Maverick attaining a top speed of 110 kmph. Braking duties are done by disc brakes and it runs on 20-inch tyres. The Maverick is capable of clocking 700 km on a full tank. (Read the complete review of the Kalyani Maveric ATC in our September 2021 Issue).

Tata Advanced Systems showcased SKY-I and R-VTOL drones. The SKY-I is a fixed-wing fully autonomous platform with long-range and endurance capability. This platform can be hand-launched for take-off and is equipped with a belly landing system. The maximum take-off weight is less than 10 kgs with an endurance of 120 minutes and an over 15 km range. It can cruise at a speed of 60 kmph and has a ceiling cap of 6000 metres. The Sky-I is propelled by an electric motor, tips scales at about 25kg, and is equipped with non-spillable rechargeable batteries. It can be launched in under 20 minutes. The introduction of caged drones was another spectacle this year. These can be useful in the rescue of the people during landslides or any mishap in the canals or caves by Indo Wings and Birdseye Assets. Their USPs include movement despite getting in contact with any surface, without the loss of any visuals.

The fully autonomous Vertical Take-off and Landing (R-VTOL) UAV, takes off like a quadcopter, transitions into a fixed-wing mode for long-distance travel, and lands back at a point like a quadcopter. Tata VTOL UAV utilities are built for unforgiving and inhospitable terrains. VTOL platforms can operate from difficult and restrictive terrains such as hilltops, ship decks and small clearings in jungles. It is claimed to have an endurance range of 80-120 minutes with a range of 15-50 km and can operate at a height of 1000 m above ground level. The maximum launch altitude is 1000-4000 m propelled by an electric motor. It is said to be fully autonomous and runs on non-spillable rechargeable batteries. It can be mounted with an EO camera with 30x optical zoom, IR camera. The company claims to have developed its own IR optronic and gimbal system and can offer these UAVs as per customer requirements to various agencies for their special applications, including local training and support.

The sophisticated arms and ammunition exhibits at the International Police Expo 2021 had a lot to offer too. Comeup Winch, known for its automotive winches showcased the Walrus Series winch with an estimated pulling capacity of eight to nine tonnes (military-grade pounds). PLR Systems Pvt Ltd. put their entire arsenal range at the expo. The exhibit covered basic pistols, sniper rifles, assault rifles, submachine guns and light machine guns. Falling under the Adani IWI initiative, the guns, ammo and equipment are claimed to have been made in India and provided to the armed forces and other government authorities. CBRNE detection, speed gun, thermal imaging, night-lethal grade round camera, roto moulded military-grade cases, handheld explosive and drugs detection, cyber security, perimeter intrusion detection systems, mine detectors, electronic sirens, safety shoes, fire and rescue products, automated surveillance drones, arms and ammunition, non-lethal tear smoke munitions and trac solution were among the other attractions. The next edition will be held at the same venue in July 2022.

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