Electric vehicle ride hailing platform BluSmart has announced the completion of over 16 million kilometres of zero emission trips in Delhi-NCR. It has claimed to contribute CO2 reduction of up to 68 gm per km and a subsequent CO2 saving of over 1000 tonnes since the time it was established on June 04, 2019. Offering rides, rental and airport service by electric cabs, the company has been providing those keen to hail a ride a cab service through an app.

Providing customers with no surge rides which are clean, safe and sanitized, BlueSmart is about reliable, affordable and sustainable mobility. In other news, BlueSmart has announced the induction of first batch of women drivers in its electric cab fleet as part of its strategic plan to increase the number of women driver partners to 500 in one year’s time. To operate on the airport route, the women drivers will run a 8 hourly lease during the day time.

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