Abhimanyu Roy (played by Ayushmann Khurrana) is trying desperately to come out of the ‘writer’s block’ in the Hindi movie ‘Meri Pyaari Bindu’.

Returning to his roots to write a classic old-fashioned love story, Abhimanyu has made little progress for the last three years. In fact, hardly any progress has been achieved. The ‘writer’s block’ is a girl named Bindu (played by actress Parineeti Chopra). She is no ordinary girl. With layers of emotions, Bindu is Abhimanyu’s dream girl. As a writer, he is finding it hard to weave her into the story that he is writing. Adding to the challenge is the re-emergence of Bindu into Abhimanyu’s life after a hiatus of four years. It is at a liquor shop in downtown Candolim with a friend, that Abhimanyu spots Bindu. While he can’t contain himself on spotting her, she is shown navigating the streets. By the time he shouts out to her, she is gone.

In the blink of an eye, Bindu has boarded a Tata Starbus 16, and is gone. The story steers forward like a typical Bollywood classic from here on as Abhimanyu gets himself a ride on a Royal Enfield motorcycle with a sidecar. Riding pillion, the owner of the motorcycle helps him close in on Bindu. As he pulls alongside the bus, Abhimanyu calls Bindu. Seated at the window, she too responds and gets down from the bus. The two ride the bike with the bike owner in tow.

The Tata Starbus 16 that plays a short role in the movie is found in many cities in India. It is one of the most prominent public transport bus in many cities for intra-city and mofussil travel. Available in deluxe and luxury guise, the bus could be had with a diesel or a CNG engine. Based on a Tata SFC 407/31 4SP CR chassis with a wheelbase of 3100 mm wheelbase, the Starbus 16 is said to be offered by Tata Motors as a rolling chassis, and as a bus with the body built by Tata Marcopolo depending on the customer requirement and preference.

Measuring 5550 mm in length, 2200 mm in width, and with a front and rear overhang of 910 mm and 1540 mm respectively, the bus is equipped with a five-speed gearbox. Capable of seating 16 people with a 2×2 seating arrangement, the bus is powered by a 86 hp TATA 4SP CR 3-litre engine. Riding on 7.50 x 16 -16 PR tyres, the Starbus 16 suspension is of the semi elliptical variety, and includes an anti-roll bar.

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