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Agility Fuel Solutions comes to India

Agility Fuel Solutions comes to India

Agility Fuel Solutions, a leading global provider of clean fuel solutions for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, has now set its eyes on the India commercial vehicles market. In an exclusive chat with CV Magazine, the company made public its plans of entering into a strategic alliance with Advantek Fuel Systems to provide compressed natural gas (CNG) products and services[Read More…]

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CNG-powered SML Isuzu Sartaj HG72

Capitalising on the CNG infrastructure built by Rajasthan State Gas Limited (RSGL) along the Jaipur-Delhi highway, SML Isuzu has introduced its CNG-powered Sartaj HG72 truck in the Jaipur market. The company delivered its first vehicle in the city recently. What makes it compelling for operators to buy such a truck is the Rs.1400 green tax diesel-powered trucks have to pay[Read More…]

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