A new cab aggregator has begun service in Mumbai. Promoted by Bharat Freight Group, the new cab aggregator, Sahyadri Smart Safe Private Ltd (S3 Cabs), is offering cab-hailing service across categories in ‘mini’, ‘sedan’, ‘SUV’, ‘package’ and ‘outstation’. With no ride sharing services as part of the portfolio, the company will charge a base fare of Rs.16, Rs.18 and Rs.20 depending upon the chosen category. An incremental charge of Rs.10 to Rs.12 will be levied in addition. Announcing that it will not indulge in surge pricing akin to existing cab aggregators like Ola and Uber, the company will differentiate its services by not levying a charge on drivers for the first Rs.1,800 collected each day.

Collections above Rs.1800 will be levied a flat 10 per cent commission, which is claimed to be less than what other cab aggregators are known to charge. With close to 700 cab operators said to have registered, S3 Cabs is also banking on the support garnered from as many as 10 transports and cab unions. Safety for passengers includes CCTV cameras and a prefed emergency contact number.

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