Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has added Rubore composite technology to its product portfolio. It is about an innovative manufacturing process with a focus on automotive applications that allows the development of components that offer significant weight-savings and unrivalled total cost reduction. Rubore technology is an advanced production process used to create a three to five layer rubber-to-metal sandwich by applying a bonding agent to metal carriers and then vulcanizing rubber to the coated metal. Rubore Cap Seals offer considerable cost and time savings as well as increased sealing performance compared to conventional sealing caps. They are perfectly suited to automotive applications that require static sealing on circular holes, such as those frequently found in gearbox and engine block applications. The deep drawn Rubore Cap Seal increases safety in low pressure applications without leakage. Due to the unique production process, a robust and strongly bonded product is created. The elastomer layer also prevents micro leakage, eliminating the need for adhesives. This permits a cost efficient, automated assembly process with shorter cycle times, at a lower cost than comparative solutions.


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