Indian Space Research Organisation has issued testimonial to Inland World Logistics for successfully delivery of the super  ODC  cargo in July 2020.


The Letter reads,


Dear Shri Shashi Sharma,


At the outset, let me convey our happiness and acknowledge your efforts for the prompt delivery of our super ODC namely Autoclave without even any minor damages. Movement of such an oversized item from Ambernath Factory to Trivandrum by road, especially the narrow roads of Kerala is a herculean task. Further the Covid 19 and lockdown constrains complicated the situation. In spite of these unfavourable conditions, you have meticulously planned and accomplished the mission successfully. My sincere appreciation to you and your experienced team.


At this juncture, let me once again profusely thank you and your team for the excellent effort.


With Best Regards

E N Anandapadmanabhan

Deputy Director, VSSC ( CMSE)

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