The flagship Mahindra logistics warehouse is 80km from the national capital and christened as one of the best, sustainable and tech-enabled facilities. The floor bearing capacity is about eight tonnes per square metre with a height clearance of 13 metres. The entire facility is tech-enabled and is a paperless warehouse. The company boasts of recycled and sustainable practices being integrated in and around the facility, so much that the last mile delivery is done by eDel e-bikes along with in-facility transportation of goods as well as employees. Other noteworthy mentions are customisable and flexible spaces, easy access to key industrial markets and fully equipped with standard amenities.

The rack house can hold up to 30,000 pellets with over 50 docks, over 25 exit points for the safe evacuation of staff along with an underground tunnel for emergency purposes. The company at present has about 3.2 million SFT of multi-client facilities operational at 10 locations across the country, along with 2.8 million SFT of multi-client facilities under construction at seven locations. The company brags sub-48-hour market access to over 70 per cent of consumers in the country. The warehouse deals with multiple clients like Bajaj, Godrej, Panasonic and so on to name a few. The staff recruitment body makes sure that the hiring people from the LGBTQ community is also integrated in the workforce. During the visit, a few of us journalists were shown a demonstration of a forklift being operated by a woman named “Kunti” and her skill of displacing goods-laden pellet at a height of over fifty feet. It was an impressive feat to possess, meticulously loading goods on the rack and quite the sight too.

The goods are marked with a segregated ID that matches the consignment with the truck that is assigned for its delivery, the entire process runs on a portal and is digitally monitored from end-to-end for zero chances of error. In a case of goods not matching the truck of the delivery address, the system does not register the entry and thus a faulty shipment will not be released from the dock.

The company’s partnership with eDel has added over 500 electric vehicles to its fleet with over 60 charging hubs. The company claims that with this partnership, they have covered more than seven million kilometres, served over 1000 pin codes, saved over 700 tonnes of CO2 and are expanding over 14 cities.

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