Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde announced the creation of a new corporation dedicated to the welfare of autorickshaw and taxi drivers and owners. This initiative aims to provide insurance and gratuity benefits to this group.

During his address, Shinde introduced the Maharashtra Autorickshaw and Taxi Drivers Owners Welfare Corporation. This body will extend financial aid and gratuity benefits to all auto and taxi drivers across the state. Registered members will be eligible for Rs 50,000 in case of accidents. Additionally, a comprehensive policy will be developed soon to outline further benefits.

The corporation will offer scholarships to the children of registered members and provide support for those seeking higher education. Moreover, the state government will back these initiatives through its skill development department.

Shinde also mentioned that retired drivers over the age of 60 would receive gratuity. To facilitate this, a corpus fund will be established with contributions from the industries and transport departments, alongside government support. Drivers will need to contribute Rs 300 annually until they reach 60 to avail of the gratuity benefits.

The Chief Minister highlighted a self-employment scheme by the state industries department, which includes a 35% subsidy. This scheme is part of the broader effort to support the livelihood and welfare of auto and taxi drivers and owners in Maharashtra.






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