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STEPPER Tec Rimless Collection
To minimise the visible profile of the temple on the front lens and improve functionality, we introduce the STEPPER Tec Rimless Collection.

The STEPPER Tec Rimless Collection is distinctively elegant, attractively durable and unimaginably light.

Tec Rimless allows for single drilling points at the temple and bridge. This, and the innovative mounting process, result in a bond that is simpler, stronger and more durable than conventional glazing.

After drilling the rimless mount is fixed to the lens using a UV adhesive. Once the lens and mount are in place the adhesive is set by a UV light curing process.

Once cured, the adhesive is set fast and offers significant advantages over screw or pin glazing:
• Less risk of lens damage as drilling is reduced.
• Greater rigidity as there are fewer parts to become loose.
• Demounting is simple by applying a special release agent.
• Increased strength as Tec Rimless can hold significantly more weight than conventional glazing and is stronger than the lens material.
• Simple to glaze as Tec Rimless requires no specialist equipment or skills.
• Better aesthetics as the reverse side of the Tec Rimless is flush with the back surface of the lens.
• Increased reglazing opportunities as the mount can be reglazed following the demounting of the lenses using the special release agent. Neither the lenses nor the mount to be damaged in this process.

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