The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) recently conducted load-testing on the soon-to-open southbound arm of the Coastal Road over the weekend.

Heavy vehicles, each carrying up to 25 tons of material, were deployed to stand upon a section of the road spanning Haji Ali to evaluate its load-bearing capacity. This rigorous testing process aimed to ensure the structural integrity and durability of the Coastal Road infrastructure.

Originally slated for inauguration by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on February 19, the opening of the southbound arm has been postponed, with the new date yet to be announced, likely to be later this month. Despite the delay, BMC officials remain committed to ensuring the completion and safety of the project.

A senior BMC official confirmed that comprehensive inspections by the traffic department and police were conducted over the past week. Anticipating the visit of the chief minister this week, the BMC has affirmed the readiness of the southbound arm, with all necessary work completed. Meanwhile, preparations for the northbound arm’s completion are underway, with expectations set for it to be ready by May.

Heavyweight Check, Testing Stretch:

During the load-testing process, a section of the Coastal Road along Haji Ali was subjected to rigorous examination. The testing, spanning 72 hours over the weekend until 11 am on Monday, involved heavy vehicles bearing a weight of 25 tons each. Multiple vehicles were strategically placed along the stretch to assess their ability to withstand heavy loads and ensure their stability under real-world conditions.

Tendering for Open Spaces:

In addition to the infrastructure development, BMC is also focused on enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the Coastal Road. Plans are underway to develop open spaces along the route, with the tendering process expected to be finalized by April-May. Following the monsoon season, construction is scheduled to commence, with an estimated cost of ₹1,000 crore allocated for the project. The development of these open spaces is anticipated to enrich the Coastal Road experience for residents and visitors alike, offering recreational areas and green spaces amidst the urban landscape.

As BMC continues to progress with its comprehensive approach to infrastructure enhancement, the Coastal Road project remains a significant milestone in Mumbai’s development trajectory, promising improved connectivity and enhanced quality of life for its residents.

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