The Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) has submitted a ‘White Paper’ on Electric Vehicles to the Government in-line with the Vision of Government of India to have 100 per cent electric public mobility solutions, and 40 per cent electric personal mobility solutions by 2030. The paper also delves upon taking it further, and to a level where a complete shift to electric vehicle regime is achieved by the 100th year of India’s independence. Representing most automakers in India, SIAM, through the ‘White Paper’ has drawn a vision where new vehicle sales in the country will be hundred per cent electric (battery electric and fuel cell vehicles) in nature by 2047. The roadmap suggested in the ‘White Paper’ includes all-new vehicle sales for intra-city public transport fleets to be electric by 2030, and 40 per cent of all new vehicle sales in the country to be electric vehicles by 2030. The roadmap has also suggested 60 per cent of all new vehicle sales in the country to employ greener technologies like hybrid and other alternative fuels by 2030. To ensure smooth phasing in of pure electric vehicles to sustain the transition to cleaner fossil fuel vehicles, the internal combustion engine upgradation should continue over the next decade. Progressively cleaner fossil fuel vehicles would be an essential stepping stone in the journey to hundred percent electric vehicle regime.



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