The road near the city of Gavle in central Sweden is all  Electric-roadset to serve as a testing ground for electrically-powered trucks. Claimed to be the world’s first  electric road, its an attempt to promote the  use of green energy, and will have the trucks  operating under real traffic conditions.  Scania’s hybrid electric trucks will operate on  a two kilometre stretch, on the E16 motorway  using Siemen’s conductive technology. The  concept allows the trucks to operate as electric  vehicles while on the electrified road stretch,  and as a regular hybrid vehicle off the  stretch. Scania’s Euro-6 certified truck will  receive its power from a pantograph power  collector which is in turn connected to overhead power lines. The lines are placed on the right hand side of the road. The trucks are capable of freely connecting and disconnecting from the overhead wires while in motion. The technology works such that, on disconnecting from the pantograph, the truck runs on the combustion engine or the battery-powered electric motor. The project is key to Sweden’s ambition of attaining an energy-efficient and fossil-free vehicle fleet by 2030.

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