Volvo Construction Equipment (CE) India Pvt. Ltd. has launched a stage IV compliant range. The new range comprises of pneumatic rollers, wheel loaders, pavers and compactors for the Indian market. Claimed to offer best in class performance, the new range has been built keeping in mind Indian duty cycles. Dimitrov Krishnan, Managing Director, Volvo Construction Equipment India Pvt. Ltd. stated, “We want to be a dependable partner for Indian contractors. We are delighted to present these brand-new machines that offer tremendous scope in terms of overall performance, versatility and reliability.” The company launched the new PT220C pneumatic roller and the L90H and L120H wheel loaders. The new paver fleet includes P4370D ABG wheeled paver, P5320D ABG, P7920D ABG and P8820D ABG tracked paver. The new compactor range includes the single drum SD110C compactor and double drum DD90C and DD100C compactors.

Pneumatic Roller

The PT220C measures 5060 mm long, 2270 mm wide and 3430 mm tall. It is a 10.5-tonne pneumatic roller with a two-speed, and maintenance-free, hydrostatic transmission mated to a 97.6 hp (99 bhp) engine running on four wide front and rear tyres overlapped by 50 mm to provide a full-width coverage. It has a pressurised, rust-proof 550-litre Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) water system that provides an adjustable flow rate to meet the operator needs and to help eliminate material build-up on the tyre surface. It also aids in maintaining mat surface temperature and reducing water refills. When it comes to operator comfort, the vehicle offers a sliding console, operator seatbelt and seat presence indicator, suspension on both seats and a USB charger. Tyre contact can be optimised by the adjusted tyre pressure, managed from the central point. It helps achieve target compaction in fewer passes.

Wheel Loaders

The Volvo L90H is claimed to offer three per cent more tipping load and 73 mm greater lifting height. It also provides the optional lock-up function. At the heart of the L90H is a Volvo D6J engine that makes 181.4 hp (184 bhp) power at 1700 rpm. It can attain a top speed of 50 kmph. The L90H can hold up to 9.7-tonne of static tipping load at full turn and has an operating weight of 14.5-17.3-tonne. Equipped with the Torque Parallel (TP) linkage, it keeps the attachments parallel throughout the lifting range along with offering high breakout and lifting force. The company claims that the vehicle is frugal courtesy the ‘Eco’ pedal and the new optional lock-up function. The lock-up feature eliminates losses in the torque converter by creating a direct drive between the engine and transmission. A rimpull feature is available that can reduce tyre wear and prevent wheel spin for effective bucket filling. The operator can select the optimum rimpull to match the application and ground conditions.

On the safety front, the L90H features anti-slip steps and strategically placed handrails for ease of access. It offers an array of seat belt options, such as the orange three-point seat belt. The new attachment bracket uses a visual indicator to let you know the attachment is locked and ready for use. The operator can adjust the detente third function, boom kick-out, return to dig and bucket levelling, all from easy access points within the cabin. There is an onboard application that helps the operator with real-time guidance along with a map and toolbox to convert and calculate numbers and units. There is an optional rear-view camera and radar detect system which is now integrated within the Volvo co-pilot display.

The L120H, deemed as the elder sibling of the 90H in the H-family has a static tipping load of 12.3-tonne at full turn and an operational weight of 18.5-21.6-tonne. The L120h is powered by a Volvo D8J engine that makes 268.2 hp (272 bhp) at 1500 rpm. It gets advanced features like OptiShift. It integrates the ‘Reverse By Braking’ function and the new torque converter with lock-up, creating a direct drive between the engine and transmission for improved cycle times and greater fuel efficiency, as claimed by the company. The eco pedal encourages economical operation, by applying a mechanical push-back force in response to excess use of the accelerator. The operator can also select from three hydraulic modes, according to the preferred responsiveness. To extend the life of the machine, the braking function slows the machine when the operator wants to change direction, by reducing engine rpm and automatically applying the service brakes, reducing stress on the drivetrain. The operator gets a gamut of features like Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), on-board weighing app and operator coaching to name a few. The ‘Volvo Active Care’ helps monitor the vehicle health remotely for timely repairs and services.

The paver range

The Volvo P5320 ABG tracked paver is fully road homologated and tailor-made for the Indian market. It features a Stage IV compliant Volvo TAD 570VE engine, Omni V screed and an automatic track tensioner with an assurance on comfort and enhance visibility. The engine puts out 138 hp (140bhp) at 2300 rpm. The P5320 is 2.5 m wide with a maximum paving width of 7.5 m that can deliver an output of 600 t/h. It puts out a maximum layer thickness of 300 mm, and has a hopper capacity of about 12t and tips the scales at 13.8-tonne.

The P4370D ABG wheeled paver is packed with a Stage IV compliant TAD 570VE Volvo engine that churns 138 hp (140bhp) at 2300rpm, Omni V screed and it is fully road homologated for Indian regulations. The paver boasts the EPM 2.5 for operator comfort and visibility. It is 2.5 metre wide with a maxim paving width of six metres and a paving output of 600 t/h. It put out a maximum layer thickness of 300 mm, has a hopper capacity of 12t weighing in at around 12.3-tonne.

Taking its cues from the B-Series, the new P7920D ABG is powered by a CEV Stage IV compliant Volvo engine that puts out 184 hp (187 bhp) at 2,200 rpm. It features six standard LED lights, auger lighting, screed lighting two gearboxes – one each side – combined with a slim design. The settings manager is integrated within Electronic Paver Management (EPM3) that allows operators to store and retrieve customised settings for individual projects and adaptive ECO Mode to name a few. It is 2.548 m wide with a 10 m paving width and a 700 t/h paving output. With a 300 mm layer thickness, it has a 13.5 t hopper capacity and weighs 14.3-tonne.

The Volvo P8820D offers a 13 m paving width, 14.7 t hopper capacity and Stage IV compliant D8J engine that puts out 268bhp at 2000 rpm. The P8820D ABG is a big machine for big jobs, the company claims. Featuring EPM3 functions such as a settings manager, six standard work lights and optional lighting kits,  optional Smart Dock, optional Volvo Co-Pilot, Pave assist with digital tools including material manager, thermal profiling and weather view to name a few. With tracks measuring 325 mm wide and 3120 mm long, a weight of about 17.35-tonne, the P8820D is built for heavy lifting in a cinch.

The compactor range

The Volvo SD110C, created specifically for the Indian market is a single drum compactor with an engine that makes 97.64 hp (99 bhp) power and has a centrifugal force of 130/243 kN. It has a drum width of 2,314 mm and it tips the scales at 11.1-tonne. It comes with a Rollover Protection System (ROPS). It has a gradeability of 28 per cent and is manoeuvrable with +/- 40 degree of articulation and +/- 17 degree of oscillation. It can take on a variety of projects and applications., courtesy the variable frequency range from 0 to 30 Hertz enabling it to adapt to different types of soil and material along with 1-1.9 mm of amplitude for different material bed thickness. All the valuable information is relayed on a 4.3 inch display that includes travel speed, trip meter, total working hours, engine rpm and high coolant temperature indicator, service notifications as well as information regarding battery condition and DEF/fuel levels help to maximise uptime.

The DD100C is the new-generation 10-tonne double drum asphalt compactor from Volvo. It is 5,250 mm long, 2060 mm and 2,870 mm tall. It comes with a drum or rolling width of 1676 mm and an engine power of 98.63 hp (100 bhp). It also has the same 4.3 inch display with a control station which can be rotated 180 degree and locked in five different positions. It has a 42-30 hz vibration frequency and an amplitude of 0.4-1 mm.

The DD90C is built on the success of its predecessor along with a host of upgrades combined with a 50 hz high frequency for fast rolling speeds. The machine is 4970 mm long, 1835 mm wide and 3050 mm tall. It offers chamfered drum edges and automatic vibration start, automatic spraying system for optimal water usage along with the same 4.3-inch display as the DD100C. The engine makes 72 hp (73 bhp), has a rolling width of 1676 mm and it weighs 8.7-tonne. The amplitude range is 0.36-1 mm and a lowest 36 hz vibration frequency is a key highlight.

Aftersales assurance

Customers can choose from various services and package suited from the Volvo services agreement. This can be used for spare parts, custom-built attachments, efficiency reports and maintenance support. Volvo CE India is banking on the frugality of its machines. It is confident of suiting the customer profile that prioritises frugality and maximum efficiency as pivots for decision making. With the new Stage IV compliant range, the company has done well to tick the boxes.

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