VE Commercial vehicles Ltd. (A Volvo Group and Eicher Motors joint venture) has sold 4163 units in June 2015 (YTD 23148) as compared to 4242 units in June 2014 (LYTD 21476) recording a YTD Growth of 7.8%.

This includes 4063 units of Eicher brand and 100 units of Volvo brand.



The following are the key highlights for June 2015:

  • Eicher branded trucks and buses have recorded total sales of 4063 units in June 2015(YTD 22626)as compared to 4187 units in June 2014(LYTD 21120), representing a YTD Growth of 7.1%.
  • In the domestic CV market ( 5T and Above), Eicher Trucks and Buses  have recorded sales of 3537 units in June 2015 (YTD 20420) as compared to 3474 units (LYTD 18021) in June 2014, representing a growth of 2% (YTD Growth of 13.3%)
  • On the Exports front Eicher Trucks and Buses have recorded sales of 526 units in June2015(YTD 2206) as compared to 713 units in June 2014(LYTD 3099).
  • Volvo trucks have recorded sales of 100 units in June 2015(YTD 522) as compared to 55 units (LYTD 356) in June 2014, a growth of 81.8% (YTD Growth of 46.6%)b1a5b42c-4e52-4d16-bfe0-29d112d4968d_TempSmall

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