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At the Bauma 2019 fair, MAN premiered two TGE designs tailored to specific industry needs in the form of a three-way tipper and an escort vehicle for heavy haulage transport. This was the first time that the German CV major displayed vehicles from the TGE series at the Bauma fair. Introducing the TGE in a step-by-step manner since April 2017, first as a lightweight panel van with the lion emblem on its radiator grille, and now as a light truck in the 3.5-tonne to 5.5-tonne category, MAN, at the fair, aptly highlighted its plans to offer CVs for the construction industry.

The 5.5-tonne model, designated as TGE 6.180 4×2, made its début with a three-way tipper body along with the MAN TGE 3.180 4×2, a heavy haulage escort vehicle. Aimed at construction firms, skilled trades businesses, horticultural and landscaping companies, the two TGE light-duty trucks hint at a comprehensive range of body options the TGE platform has come to offer. The various shapes the TGE series has come to be present in, it makes a rugged light duty truck built on a strong chassis. It also makes a wide range of equally robust panel vans, providing customers the choice of two wheelbases, three overhang variants and three roof heights. If the 3.5-tonne models support a maximum payload of over 1.5 tonnes, and the panel vans, a maximum cargo compartment volume of 18.4 cu. m., the two new variants add a new perspective to how far the TGE range has come. of light trucks could travel in terms of addressing the diverse needs of the market.

Form and function
Available in a chassis and crew cab guise, the TGE platform is about form and function. The crew cab can seat up to seven people, offering employees a comfortable and safe way to navigate a construction site. Starting at a permissible gross vehicle weight of three-metric tonnes, the series tops out at 5.5 tonnes, including a rear axle fitted with twin tyres. An additional 3.5-tonnes can be transported using a trailer coupling. The wide selection of variants enables customers to choose their preferred drive system. Depending on the permissible total weight, front, rear or all-wheel drive options are possible. They come with either a six-speed manual gearbox or an eight-speed automatic gearbox. Featuring a completely new-generation 2.0-litre diesel engine that promises high levels of durability and reliability, the TGE series could be had in 102 hp, 122 hp, 140 hp and 177 hp variants. The V4 engine was specially developed to withstand the ‘rough’ requirements placed on CVs over their lifetime, first and foremost for economical operation and robustness.

The MAN TGE 4×4 stands for safe progress even on unpaved surfaces. In dry weather, the vehicle travels efficiently over the asphalt with power going to the front wheels. Torsion-free and fuel-efficient, a special feature of the all-wheel drive concept is such that in the event of loss of traction, the control unit reacts automatically and switches on the rear-wheel drive in 0.084 seconds. From a technical standpoint, such fast response highlights the modern clutch system of the TGE. It distributes the drive torque between the front and rear axles – from 0 to 100 per cent.

Offering a wide range of bodies and upgrades from the factory floor, the MAN TGE models have been specifically engineered for use in the construction industry. Three-way tippers for 3.5- and 5.5-tonnes could be ordered. In addition, there are flexible racking systems from Bott and Sortimo available as factory-fitted features for maintenance and mobile workshop vehicles.
If building work is halted in the winter due to adverse weather, the MAN TGE can be used for winter service operations. For example, it could be used by fitting a mounting bracket for a snow plough. There’s also room for a gritter in the loading area.

Tailored for the job
With production starting in autumn 2018, the distinguishing features of the MAN TGE 6.180, the largest tipper in the TGE series, includes a top-of-the-range engine, six-speed manual gearbox, twin tyres on the leaf-sprung rear axle, a three-seat single cab and a Meiller three-way tipper.

The MAN TGE 3.180 has its roof equipped with a variable-message sign system to indicate its potential use as an escort vehicle for large-capacity and heavy-haulage transport vehicles. The three-seat panel van, at the other end, comes with interior fixtures and fittings that have been added to store the barrier equipment and measuring instruments that have to be transported. The vehicle underwent conversion at Kustech’s plant in Techau, near the North German city of Lübeck.

Safe and sound
The Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) fitted as standard in the TGE is a major contributor to road safety. Distance sensors monitor critical distances from the vehicle ahead and help to reduce the vehicle’s stopping distance. In addition, the integrated City Emergency Brake automatically brakes the vehicle at low speeds, reducing the risk of rear-end collisions, most of which are frequent causes of accidents. Minimising off-road times and repair costs apart from boosting the vehicle’s residual value, the optional Reversing Assist helps to manoeuvre out of parking spaces. A trailer manoeuvring assist feature can also be activated upon requirement. The electromechanical power steering compensates for countersteer forces such as those created by side winds. The Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) ensures high levels of comfort on lengthy motorway stretches. The drowsiness detection function and the multi-collision brake enhance safety for everyone. This multi-collision brake prevents secondary collisions with other obstacles or road users in the event of an accident.

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