TVS Supply Chain Solutions Limited (NSE: TVSSCS, BOM: 543965), a global leader in integrated supply chain solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) to advance the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within its operations. Through collaborative efforts, initially facilitated by Higher Education Innovation Funding (HEIF), TVS SCS aims to enhance its AI governance and implementation strategies across its business units.

The partnership extends to a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) application with MMU, emphasizing the exploration of AI-driven technological solutions for optimized supply chain management. Andrew Jones, CEO of TVS SCS UK and Europe, emphasized the significance of this collaboration in strengthening the company’s operational capabilities. Leveraging MMU’s expertise in AI, the initiative aims to embed sustainable AI solutions within TVS SCS operations, enhancing efficiency and performance across industry sectors.

Dr. Ashley Williams, Senior Lecturer in Software Engineering at MMU, highlighted TVS SCS’s commitment to internalizing AI solutions, aligning with evolving governance frameworks. TVS SCS caters to diverse industry verticals such as Automotive, Defence, Utilities, and Healthcare, offering tailored supply chain services to optimize client operations and reduce costs. Through this strategic alliance, TVS SCS aims to pioneer AI-driven innovations, ensuring sustained competitiveness and operational excellence in the global supply chain landscape.

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