To help companies lift higher loads of over 240-tonnes, the Terex AC 350/6 mobile crane is proving to be of advantage. Helping companies that are looking at lifting loads above 240-tonnes, the Terex AC 350/6 is not just fuelling growth, but also increasing operational flexibility. The 400-tonne (350-tonne) class Terex AC 350/6 all terrain crane is not only maximising the number of lifting opportunities for a crane company, it is proving to be versatile because of its compact footprint. Containing a 210 ft (64 m) main telescoping boom and an impressive 412.4 ft (125.7 m) maximum system length, the crane, with its Superlift system, is claimed to out-perform cranes in the 440 tonne (400-tonne) class. Said to be the most compact six-axle crane produced, the AC350/6 can work in confined areas. It can be set-up quickly with its fully automatic counterweight rigging system, and makes ideal candidate for erection of heavy steel structures among others.


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