Tata Motors caters to a wide range of applications with the Tata Winger, including school, staff, tour and travel, and ambulance. Tata Motors recently delivered 965 Tata Winger Ambulances to the Government of Madhya Pradesh’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare’s ‘108 ambulance service project’ – an emergency response service programme launched under the National Rural Health Mission. The Tata Winger Ambulance will now be a part of the state of Madhya Pradesh’s emergency transportation services.

As part of the scheme, the feature-rich Tata Winger ambulance has two applications in the project. First, ‘Sanjeevani’ – an EMAS (Emergency Media Ambulance Service) which can be booked via an exclusive ‘MP 108 Sanjeevani’ app across the state of Madhya Pradesh. Tata Winger’s Basic and Advanced Life Support Ambulances will be used as Sanjeevani. Second, ‘Janani Express’, a dedicated Type B (patient transport) Tata Winger ambulance service for women. In 15 years, Tata Motors has successfully delivered more than 28,000 units of Tata Winger Ambulances, proving to be a trusted partner to healthcare organisations and saving countless lives as a result of its ergonomic, efficient design and performance. Tata Motors has supplied the Winger Ambulance for COVID-19 vaccination drives in Gujarat, Lucknow, Jamshedpur, Dharwad, Gandhinagar and Pantnagar. With the ongoing global pandemic, the versatile Tata Winger ambulance is also engineered especially for COVID-19 patient transportation, with a driver partition. Tata Motors offers the most comprehensive range of ambulances from Magic Express Ambulance, Winger Ambulance and LP410 Ambulance, with double stretchers.

With Tata Motors’ firm commitment to bringing top-notch healthcare mobility solutions to hospitals and healthcare facilities in the country, the Tata Winger Ambulance is available in four options – Patient Transport, Basic Life Support, Advanced Life Support, and Shell. Its monocoque chassis, in addition to the independent suspension, offers a smooth driving experience, which is extremely critical for the swift transportation of patients.

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