Tata Motors has introduced a new commercial vehicle lineup that includes 21 new models and variations. These vehicles are designed and engineered to meet the changing needs of cargo and people transportation across segments and applications, enhancing Tata Motors’ long-standing ‘Power of 6’ benefit proposition to address specific usage and applications while delivering higher productivity and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Tata Motors has unveiled 21 new commercial vehicles across all sectors to fuel the Indian economy’s growth engines.

Unveiling the 21 vehicles, Mr Girish Wagh, Executive Director, Tata Motors said, “The engines of infrastructure development, consumer consumption and e-commerce powering the Indian economy require continued transportation support to run seamlessly. Being the leader in the commercial vehicles, we continue to deliver superior value proposition to customers by introducing smarter, future-ready products and services. The 21 feature rich vehicles that we are introducing today are designed to fulfil the evolving needs of India’s economy and its growing demand for efficient transportation. Every aspect of these vehicles has been purposefully augmented to cater to both varied duty cycles as well as special applications. Incorporating the latest advances in technology, refined powertrains and upgrades in comfort and convenience, our vehicles are ideal to fulfil the customer need of high vehicle utilisation for more revenue with lower costs for more profits.”


Tata Motors has stayed ahead of the curve, meeting tomorrow’s demands today, as India continues to grow. These vehicles have proven to be reliable and cost-effective for customers in a variety of applications. With many fully-built body options of load bodies, tippers, tankers, bulkers, and trailers, they cater to a wide range of goods movement – market load, agriculture, cement, iron & steel, container, vehicle carrier, petroleum, chemical, water tankers, LPG, FMCG, white goods, perishables, construction, mining, and municipal applications.

New Offerings: 7 new vehicles unveiled

1. Signa 5530.S for enhanced performance in heavy-duty applications with faster TAT
2. Signa 4623.S offers flexibility across duty cycles with its powerful 5.6L Cummins engine, 230hp and 850Nm of torque
3. Signa 4625.S ESC (Electronic Stability Control) with industry-first ESC system
4. Signa 4221.T powered by the proven 5L Turbotronn engine for higher fuel efficiency
5. Signa 4021.S offers tractor-trailer application with better operational efficiency
6. Signa 3118.T: India’s first 10-wheeler 31T Truck with 12.5T Lift axle
7. Prima 2830. K RMC with Rear Engine Power Take-Off (REPTO), reduces operating costs up to 11%


Tata Motors’ I&LCV range has expanded in size, scope, presence, and popularity since it was first conceptualised for the Indian market in 1986.
More than 50,000 BS6 I&LCVs have already been sold, with diesel and CNG powertrains available. This line, which has a GVW of 4-18 tonnes, is suited for both last-mile and medium- to long-haul applications since it offers cabin options based on duty cycle requirements. The addition of a larger deck length is intended to better serve the specific needs of the rapidly expanding e-commerce market.

New Offerings:5 new vehicles unveiled

1. Ultra T.18 SL, first of its kind offering in 18-tonne segment, with a best-in-class payload of 11.5 tonne
2. 407G the proven workhorse, Ideal CNG Pick-up truck for last-mile delivery
3. 709G CNG offers best-in-class performance with the largest loading area on a 4-tyre CNG truck
4. LPT 510 for easy manoeuvring through narrow lanes with its unique 10ft load body and short wheelbase
5. Ultra T.6 for faster turnaround and easy of driving comfort

Pick-up and SCV’s

Over the last 16 years, the SCV & PU portfolio has grown rapidly, with a focus on providing clients with safer, smarter, and value-creating services in last-mile transportation. The Ace, Intra, and tough Yodha brands make up the collection, which caters to a wide range of body types. Market logistics, distribution of fruits, vegetables, and Agri products, beverages & bottles, FMCG and FMCD goods, e-commerce, parcel & courier, furniture, packed LPG cylinders, dairy, pharma, and food products, refrigerated transport, as well as waste management applications – Tata SCVs continue to be at the forefront of last-mile delivery for their versatility across applications.

New Offerings: 4 new vehicles were unveiled
1. Winger Cargo for the growing needs of e-commerce distribution, now a complete delivery solution
2. Ace Petrol CX cab chassis: lowest priced 4-wheeler for multiple commercial applications
3. Ace Gold Diesel+: In the era of rising fuel prices Ace Gold Diesel with much higher fuel efficiency and improved driving experience
4. Intra V30 High deck: In the Smart PU range of Intra now a complete solution

The range has been at the forefront of offering clean, green technologies like CNG, LNG, Hydrogen Cell, and leads from the front with its electric buses, with applications ranging from intra-city school or staff transportation to inter-city travel to addressing the needs of urban public transportation. Over the years, more than 600 electric buses have operated in ten Indian cities, covering a total distance of more than 20 million kilometres. The Passenger CV range places a premium on passenger and driver comfort while also emphasising operator profitability.

New Offerings: 5 new vehicles unveiled

. Winger 15S is a luxurious travel companion with a plush ride and segment-first comfort features
2. Starbus 4/12 LE electric bus for zero-emission urban mass mobility
3. Starbus 2200 series range, ideal for school and staff transportation needs
4. Cityride Prime LPO 1315 Bus with spacious passenger salon and wider gangway
5. Magna coach, 13.5m bus for luxurious inter-city travel with enhanced passenger comfort

Tata Motors continues to set new benchmarks with holistic transportation solutions that offer customers more benefits and lower total cost of ownership. With a universe of value-added services to access through the Sampoorna Seva 2.0 initiative, optimal fleet management via Fleet Edge, and 24×7 support from India’s largest service network, Tata Motors continues to set new benchmarks with product innovations and segment introductions.

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