Continental has launched smart NOx sensors for commercial vehicles in India. These sensors will find use on the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) exhaust aftertreatment system fitted on BSIV emission norm compliant commercial vehicles. BS IV emission norms are expected to be rolled out by 2017.
As an important part of the SCR technology with on-board diagnostics (OBD II), the NOx sensors from Continental would be twofold – to measure NOx emissions and provide feedback to the SCR Control Unit to inject urea in proportion to the required reduction of NOx, and to help monitor emissions in the field as a key component of the OBD closed loop control system. Viswanath Nagaraja, Head of Business Unit Sensors & Actuators, Powertrain Division, Continental Automotive Components India said, “With the phased implementation of stricter BS IV & OBD II norms, we anticipate that nearly 50 percent of the heavy commercial Vehicle (HCV) market will adopt SCR technology after 2017. Almost all leading HCV manufacturers are currently developing their SCR systems with Continental NOx sensors. We will continue to serve our customers in India with our energy-saving and emission reduction technologies to help them meet regulatory requirements and support their environmental protection objectives.”37731c95-7980-429c-bf3c-ea6576f83f00_TempSmall

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