Ministry of Thailand and Nuclear Society of Thailand have joined hands to co-organise Sustainable Energy and Technology Asia (SETA) exhibition at Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre, Thailand to promote a clean and greener tomorrow in the ASEAN region through sustainable energy solutions. Spread across 5000 sq. m, SETA aims to push for better trans-border economic integration, thus is also closely supported by Ministry of Transportation and Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of Thailand. To be organised between 23-25th March, 2016, the three day event will promote energy security through adoption of renewable and green energy technologies by bringing together experts to share their insights on innovation with a spotlight on alternative fuel technologies. Electification of buses in Singapore, surviving strategies in low-oil price, electric plug-in hybrid technology by BMW, alternative fuel strategies by Toyota are expected to lead the key focus areas that will be delved into the exhibition. A special workshop ‘Electrical Vehicle Technology’ will also be organised parallel to the event by Thai Electric Vehicle Association in order to check oil price vulnerability and also enhance efficiency through alternate propulsion mediums. As the exhibition will host an array of next generation solutions for ASEAN region, special pavilions have been set up for India, Thailand, China, USA, France and Japan to showcase clean and green technologies, along with sustainable energy policies to reduce the ever growing impact of vehicles on the environment.

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