Schaeffler India Limited  announced the launch of its REPXPERT Technical Training Van dedicated to the Commercial Vehicle (CV) segment. This initiative, a first of its kind focusing on the CV segment, aims to impart advanced technical training on transmission, and chassis systems, and rapidly evolving automotive applications.

The REPXPERT branded training van is set to traverse key markets in states including Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, and Maharashtra. Schaeffler’s commitment to this rigorous campaign emphasizes the importance of enhancing the skills of professionals in the automotive sector, ensuring they are equipped with the latest knowledge.

Debasish Satpathy, President, Automotive Aftermarket, Schaeffler India said, “The commercial vehicle segment is a cornerstone for the automotive industry in India, often indicative of the nation’s economic pulse. By introducing the training van dedicated to this segment, we’re not just focusing on upskilling, but also acknowledging the intricate challenges and nuances specific to CVs. It’s imperative that our technician partners are abreast of the latest technologies and best practices, ensuring they’re at the forefront of the industry’s evolution. This initiative is a testament to Schaeffler’s unwavering commitment to fostering expertise and excellence in the automotive community.”


The curriculum of this training van will cover pivotal topics such as:

  • Handling mechanisms of flywheel and clutch during clutch fitment
  • Clutch release checking in installed condition
  • Use of a customized hydraulic press for clutch release checks
  • Scientific clutch bleeding processes with specialized tools
  • Differences between Diaphragm & Coil type cover assemblies
  • Fitment of Universal Joint cross with special tools
  • Insights into Lubricants for Commercial Vehicles

Building on the success of previous campaigns for the passenger car segment, Schaeffler India’s Automotive Aftermarket Division continues its journey of empowering technicians and mechanics. Feedback from prior activations has influenced the design and approach of this campaign. This van features a dedicated product display area showcasing core product sections.

Schaeffler India’s commitment to pioneering motion and ensuring efficient product fitting is evident in this endeavor. With a legacy spanning over 130 cities and training more than 5,000 mechanics, this initiative showcases Schaeffler’s dedication to technological advancements and ground-level training.

In October 2019, Schaeffler India marked the beginning of this journey by launching its first mobile training center. With each subsequent campaign, Schaeffler has consistently demonstrated its commitment to knowledge sharing and skill development in the automotive industry.


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