Sany India has introduced an eight-tonne hydraulic excavator, SY80C-9.

Story by team CV

Hot on the heels of the announcement regarding the manufacture of the 15000th machine in India, Pune-based Sany India has launched an eight-tonne hydraulic excavator called the SY80C-9. Introduced at a time when the government has announced mega infrastructure projects, which could provide the much needed fillip to the off-highway equipment industry, the new excavator is being presented by the company as a reliable machine. A machine that finely balances the performance and efficiency needs of its operators. Supported by a tag-line, ‘Quality Changes the World’, the excavator is claimed to be suitable for fishery and brickfield industry applications. The two are particularly found in good numbers in the eastern region of the country. Pointing at the SY80C-9, Dheeraj Panda, Director — Sales & Marketing, and Customer Support, Sany Heavy Industry India Pvt., expressed that it is capable of offering significant productivity gains to the fishery and brickfield industry. “The machine would offer higher return on investment by proving to be efficient and reliable,” he added.


Of the opinion that the government’s focus on infrastructure development has led to a rise in demand for excavators, Panda averred that he is confident of excavators finding more and varied use as the economy recovers from the pandemic. Starting the Indian operations in 2009 with the manufacture of concrete equipment, Sany India, well-aware of the excavator’s multi-purpose role as a machine used for loading, digging, mining and quarrying, is keen to see the SY80C-9 find many takers on the basis of its advanced features and superior qualities. Expecting the machine, powered by a 58.5 hp Kubota engine and featuring a well-synchronised hydraulic system, to find use in applications like general grading and landscaping, digging of trenches, holes, foundations, demolition, and construction, the company is following a distinct ‘make in India’ strategy. With an operating weight of 7920 kg, the excavator is equipped with solenoid controlled load sensing and Dynamic Optimization Matching Control System (DOMCS). Having a variable displacement axial piston pump and a bucket capacity of 0.32 cu. m., the excavator features smart machine alert, robust undercarriage, heavy-duty structure, a remote monitoring system and advanced dynamic control. The remote monitoring system helps to monitor the machine remote and ensure it does not lose out on efficiency or productivity. It also helps with tracking and geofencing of the machine.

A load sensing control system helps the oil flow to the desired area, reducing unnecessary oil usage. It also helps to get optimum fuel efficiency. The automatic idle function reduces fuel consumption whereas the three three working modes (S, L and B) ensure that the machine operates at optimal efficiency in connection with the nature of the given application. Equipped with a large welded box-type boom arm made up of high strength material, the excavator has a good boom swing. The machine arm at the tear is specially reinforced and offers torsional resistance to the arm assembly’s strength. Its high strength bucket surface gives longer service life. Its optimised design reduces rock and sand resistance. The heavy-duty upper frame in the machine is designed to improve the platform’s bending strength. The ‘D’-shaped large section stronger beam is designed to withstand external shocks whereas the undercarriage is made up of high strength alloy steel with good wear resistance and durability. The water-proof and dust-proof cabin of the excavator is air-conditioned and spacious. It has an adjustable suspension seat with back-seat inclination, height adjustment, armrest height adjustment, and more. The rear cushioning of the seat is designed for operator comfort. It reduces operator fatigue. Vibration-proof anti interference colour LCDs provide real-time information regarding machine’s working status. There’s an abnormal alarm function too, to ensure safe operation.

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