The Sahara Group has entered the emobility segment as ‘Sahara Evols’. On the anvil of the new initiative are electric CVs and the supporting ecosystem.

Story by: Ashish Bhatia

The Sahara India Pariwar ( Sahara Group) has announced its foray into electric CVs, under the brand name, ‘Sahara Evols’. The business venture is aimed at offering India’s largest range of Electric Vehicles (EVs) including electric three-wheelers and goods carriers along with advanced allied services. For the first time, the company is introducing a network of battery charging and swapping stations. Averred ‘Saharasri’ Subrata Roy Sahara said, “We are proud to introduce for the first time, a complete ecosystem of electric vehicles in India. Sustainable and environment-friendly modes of transportation are the need of the time as well as for the benefit of our future generations. The aggravated state of air pollution, majorly due to the proliferation of fossil fuel driven vehicles that emit toxic fumes in the atmosphere, is a silent but the biggest of threats to life on earth today.” “The Sahara Evols range of electric vehicles is going to be our contribution in this direction – towards alternate, sustainable and eco-friendly modes of transportation,” he added.

Claimed to run on advanced electric motors and drivetrain, designed and developed by German Engineering, the Evols range of vehicles are expected to be powered by dry lithium-ion batteries. The batteries will offer fast charging, with up to 40 per cent charging in a span of one hour. With this range, the vehicles are expected cover anywhere from 55 Kms up to 150 Kms distance on a single charge basis the vehicle type and category.To support the Evols range of electric CVs, Sahara Evols will also introduce a first of its kind ecosystem backed by a   comprehensive network of service centers across multiple cities. The support facilities will include delivery of charged batteries and a network of Battery Swapping Stations’ to be powered by the ‘Evols Smart Charge Docking System’, or alternately, enable vehicle owners to swap their discharged battery with a fully charged one. The company has already started developing the service setup at Lucknow District, its first target market with the setting up of 57 service centers as well as providing training to the technicians for electric vehicles. Sahara Evols has also handed over keys to 101 inaugural customers at Lucknow. Among other key features expected onboard the Evols CV range are a GPS tracking system, 24×7 on-road and off-road assistance, performance analytics and remote access to the vehicle. Distress alarm buttons for women’s safety and anti-theft alarm are also on offer.

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