BPW Trailer Systems India is confident of its globally proven air-suspension technology. It is designed for high axle loads and specialist applications, writes Ashish Bhatia.

BPW Trailer Systems India Pvt. Ltd. is building a pipeline of robust underpinnings for off-road use.

The air suspension technology in the portfolio is deemed suitable for off-road applications with a rated load of 12-14-tonne in the case of daily transport operations for businesses. “The BPW SL air suspension is not just the first choice for you, it is the only choice. That is because it is designed both for high axle loads and for specialist applications,” averred Nagaraj Ubale, Director at the company. With the SL air suspension, the company claims to rely on proven BPW technology positioning it as a typical BPW high quality offering.

A long life expectancy and excellent reliability combined with a modular design for effortless maintenance backed by the availability of spare parts and a seamless international service network are among the value propositions. Ubale claims, the pneumatic suspension is good for the toughest terrains like off-road duty cycles. The company claims that the proven technology in the form of an air suspension features a long service life and emerges on top as a robust underpinning. The top reserves in design are claimed to have been developed especially for operating in demanding terrains. In the SL, BPW is proud of showcasing high-quality German engineering, reiterated Ubale.

Flexible Applications

The “tough performer” tag is lived up to by an e-axle beam, axle spring seat arrangement and the trailing arm. It is combined with the air suspension hanger bracket to form a highly robust unit, claimed to withstand extremely unforgiving conditions. It can be looked at for a diverse range of applications. From curtain sliders, tanker trailers, container trailer vehicles. This makes long or short-distance journeys or tip trailers for off-road use possible without breaking into a sweat. BPW through the air suspension is looking to offer customers, peace of mind throughout the vehicle life cycle. It is backing the promise with tangibles like service life with the BPW warranty and the ‘Partner Service Package’.


The BPW Eco principle is further based on 400K Axles with a pneumatic suspension system. The offering


stands out with its performance, and backed by claims of a minimum downtime. It is said to reduce the operating cost effectively resulting in higher trailer profitability. The air suspension boasts the highest running kilometres within a year with an assurance of nearly zero maintenance and downtime. This claim stems from the proven run in diverse applications, be it the heavy load tip trailers or for providing complete solutions for high-in-demand express logistics. The modular design is said to make it particularly easy to service and the low maintenance ensures a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


Features and Benefits

The long service life assurance is attributed to accurate and easy-to-service, in-house technology. BPW assures four lakh Kilometres (ECO + special long-life anti-friction bearing grease). It offers multiple ride heights from 220-600mm. As per Vishnu Jadhav, Head of Sales and Marketing at the company, the advanced brake lining material life extends to approximately three lakh kilometres. It comes with a high stainless steel hanger bracket with 8mm wall thickness. The Heavy-Duty (HD) airbags measure 360mm in diameter and boast of a reinforced base plate, he explains. The HD shock absorber is particularly suited to Indian road conditions. The beam is seamless with 16mm thickness and available in multiple track lengths. The automatic slack adjuster maintains brake stroke more reliably compared to manual slack adjusters. The design is compact, and the two-sided axle lift device is effective and easy to use. Notably, it can be retrofitted too! The drum brake SN 4218 comes in a 420 by 180 size. Customers can also opt for self-steering axles and a disc brake option made available to them by BPW in a well-planned product offering to suit the market relevance.

An outcome of research, development, and production aimed at diverse applications and duty cycles has BPW partner vehicle operators and vehicle manufacturers backed by its 120 years of transport and logistics legacy on the whole. “Our goal is to make transport and logistics processes more efficient, safer and more predictable for our customers in the long term,” Ubale reiterated. BPW offers a wide range of solutions for the transport industry and takes pride in being the single source for axle, suspension, brake and user-friendly telematics applications. The company with its robust underpinnings is committed to setting an example as an organisation not only through products and services but by being a fair business partner to align with its larger commitment to people and the environment. The manufacturing and assembly unit at Chakan, Pune means it continues to be well regarded for the highest quality standards. The company continues to garner accolades like the 2020 award for the “Best Brand” in the category ‘Trailer Axles’ for the 14th time on the trot.

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