With freight rates not yet reflecting the steep rise in diesel prices, third-party insurance premium and road toll, truckers, claim industry sources, are staring at a bleak future. With their income dipping, many truckers, mention sources, have surrendered their vehicles to financiers. Not counting the time in the run-up to the Karnataka elections when fuel prices did not rise, the rise post the election has been continuous almost. In many parts of the country, toll rates are also claimed to have increased, eating into the income of truckers. Tolls are said to amount to roughly 25 per cent of the truckers’ income. As far as insurance is concerned, sources claim that it has increased by a significant 24 per cent. Public Goods Carrying Vehicles (PGCVs) weighing less than 7,500 kg would pay a higher premium of Rs.14,390 in FY2018-19. Those weighing more than 7,500 kg, but less than 12,000 kg, would be charged Rs.24,190. Those exceeding 40,000 kg of weight would be charged a premium of Rs.21,318. A discussion on the issues is said to have taken place during a meet of the All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC) at Delhi recently. Under the condition of not taking his name, a truck operator said that he would like to term the future as bleak for the truck transport industry.

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