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  • Shri Nitin Gadkari, Honourable Minister of Road Transport and Highways, inaugurated the project.
  • The institute was founded under the PPP scheme and is supported by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

Eicher Trucks and Buses, in collaboration with the Phoenix Foundation, established the Phoenix-Eicher Institute of Driver Training and Research in Latur, Maharashtra, to upskill the state’s driver fraternity. This institute, established in a public-private partnership with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, aims to improve the core competencies of commercial vehicle drivers by training them across a wide range of vehicles through comprehensive and professional Driver Training programmes. Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways, inaugurates the institute, which is also attended by Shri JP Verma, Vice President After Market – Eicher Trucks and Buses, and Shri Pasha Patel, Chairman – Phoenix Foundation.

Speaking on the occasion of the inauguration, Shri Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport & Highways appreciated Eicher’s contribution in establishing Phoenix-Eicher Institute of Driver Training & Research  Latur (Maharashtra), as well as other driver development initiatives. He said, “The country has a strong need for skilled CV drivers and the Phoenix-Eicher driver training institute will play an important role in developing competent commercial vehicles drivers for promoting safe and efficient transportation in the region”.

Eicher already has eight Driver Training Institutes where new drivers can receive pre-licensing training. Eicher also runs regular driver training programmes through twelve Regional Driver Trainers, training approximately 20,000 drivers each year. Through these programmes, more than 2 lakh drivers have been trained across the country. The Phoenix-Eicher institute, which spans 12 acres, is outfitted with facilities such as a driving practise track, an automobile lab, training vehicles and equipment, and Eicher-supplied training content. It will also be able to house 150 drivers in a hostel designed for their convenience. The institute will not only train new drivers but will also help existing drivers improve their skills by introducing them to new technologies.

Commenting on the inauguration, Shri JP Verma, Vice President After Market, Eicher Trucks and Buses said, “At Eicher, we recognize the critical role that drivers play and therefore we have been pioneering driver empowerment and development by training and upskilling of drivers. The introduction of connected vehicles has revolutionised the commercial vehicle industry forever, by preventing breakdowns and increasing driver safety. To take full advantage of such next-gen technology, it becomes imperative for the drivers to fully understand the features and benefits, which is why Eicher has established this institute.

The major focus of the training is imbibing positive driving culture like adhering to road signs & markings, safe driving, positive road behaviour. The training also emphasises driving techniques for improving fuel efficiency and making drivers understand the latest vehicle technology. The Phoenix-Eicher Institute of Driver Training and Research intends to act as an effective resource for promoting road safety education among commercial vehicle drivers as well as conducting programs for educating the general public.

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