New trailer axle KTA built for Kögel Trailers copy

Germany-based Kogel Trailers has announced that the new Kögel Trailer Axle (KTA) enhances its trailer’s driving properties. The new KTA also increases the payload, and extends the service life. Maintenance-friendly, the new axle, having two U-bolts for secure clamping of the trailing arm and the axle, has the axle tube enclosed such that the trailing arm is fastened at the top. The axle spring seats at the bottom. The shape of the axle support, the trailing arm and the axle tube have been especially adapted to the dynamic and static forces encountered in driving, and are in accordance with the latest finite element calculation methods. Facilitating easy repair, the trailing arm and axle tube can be replaced. The axle tubes are forged from a single piece and have no joints. This provides for a stress-free transfer of forces and reliable protection against breakages. The trailing arm, made from high-strength spring steel, offers an optimum ratio of spring properties and resistance. A rubber metal bearing absorbs both axial and transverse force at the interface between the bracket and the trailing arm. This is claimed to ensure excellent suspension response due to high torsional rigidity. The air suspension bellows and the shock absorbers are tailored to the design.

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