Fahrzeugwerk Bernard Krone Gmbh & Co. KG is ready with the new generation Cool Liner and Profi Liner. Prateek Pardeshi looks at the new offerings ahead of their key unveils.

The Cool Liner is a cold chain ready semi-trailer that was launched by Krone originally in 1996 under the product name ‘Krone-Wabash,’ and is celebrating its 25th birthday this year. The main application of cool liner trailers is to transfer goods that must be transported within a regulated environment. The Cool Liner complies with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) regulation. With new features, the trailer is also coupled with, KRONE Telematics, which helps to monitor data such as position, status, and temperature of your carriage, etc. The KRONE TR temperature recorder via telematics is certified according to ATP, which eliminates the need for a conventional temperature recorder on the front wall of the trailer. Via the KRONE Telematics Portal, information can be sent to the respective customer in a PDF by e-mail or fax, even before the load arrives at your customer‘s location

Features of Cool Liner

The Cool Liner is equipped with a continuous chassis. During tractor-trailer coupling and decoupling, tensile tensions are passed to the chassis, which protects the superstructure. The chassis helps absorb the forces involved in docking to the ramp. For additional safety, lighting and homologation are improved, and a compact underrun is mounted at the rear of the chassis. Cold air in the trailer is evenly distributed through the flexible, ceiling-mounted airlines(ducts), which may also be loaded with a dual deck. With their broad profile cross-section, stable aluminum profiles provide the finest front wall protection and optimal airflow. Cool Liner Steel is supplied with crane pockets and suitable equipment for combined traffic. High-strength loading points ensure secure and safe handling for cranes and forklift trucks.

VARIANTS of Cool Liner

Krone Cool liners fall under refrigerated semi-trailer category and they are further subdivided into four major categories including Cool liner, Cool liner Pharma, Cool liner city and Celsineo. Celsineo represents a new generation of refrigeration systems for trailers. This includes significant amounts of refrigerant and a variety of temperature control components, for example. If the refrigeration unit malfunctions, the critical cargo is jeopardized, and there is a financial loss. Celsineo has the advantage over this, it divides cooling capacity among three identically structured ‘plug & play’ refrigeration modules, each of which has its own hermetically sealed refrigerant circuit with only a few components.

The Profi-Liner

Profi-Liner is a sub-category of curtainsider. A Curtain Van, also known as a Curtainside Trailer, is a flatbed with a tarping system mounted on top of it, still underway to make it to the Indian market. Profi-liner is further divided into various categories, such as the Profi-liner multi-steel, which is used for increased flexibility with various different loads, and Profi-liner HD, used in demanding transport applications and particularly for export markets.

The Profi Liner is well-equipped to handle future Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs).One of the major advantages of the Profi-liner is the coupling height can be adjusted between 1,050 and 1,170 mm. The height-adjustable running gear, together with the KRONE screwing technique, makes this possible: The front wall or the roof connectors, as well as the side post carriage, have a hole pattern and may thus be easily modified. The side curtain and the roof curtain can be customised to fit the new superstructure height. Of course, if necessary, the internal height can be restored to its original setting.


Solid three-part front wall is made of steel and firmly bolted to the frame. In case of emergency, it effectively braces against any load and therefore ensures excellent road safety. The roof height can be selected from 2,600 to 2,700 mm with lifting roof equipment, from 2,595 to 2,845 mm, in 4 stages respectively. The front of the chassis is pulled up, particularly in high-stress corner locations, and the bolted plywood rebound plate ensures protection and stability.Integrated into the protected position behind it provides a tightly fitted curtain with enough leverage. Roof is provided for added strength, sliding roof features diagonal trussing that is integrated into the curtain roof. The diagonal belts are built into the roof tarp offering loading space. Due to its large, conspicuous step, the telescopic stepladder ensures easy climbing and optimum safety. The ladder is riveted and easy to replace in case of damage.

The new generation of Profi Liner can be seen live for the first time at Nufam 2021, the trade fair for commercial vehicles taking place from 30 September to 3 October 2021 in Karlsruhe, Germany. With such a major technical shift in the trailer segment and new emerging telematics, transportation will now be hassle-free for both customers and fleet operators.

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