The ministry of Road, Transport and Highways (MoRTH) could soon come out with a proposal for the ‘end of life’ of heavy commercial vehicles. Sources claim, as per the proposal, the twin-axle mini trucks could be phased out after 12 years, multi-axle trucks after 15 years and trailers after 25 years. The intention is to curb vehicular pollution, specially since commercial vehicles are said to be prone to faster deterioration. The proposal has sparked off a debate, while the ministry officials claim to have aligned the ‘end of life’ proposal for commercial vehicles with the years on the vehicle’s National Permit (NP). Questions are being raised by industry experts on setting the same yardstic for a NP vehicle to a commercial vehicle that could be plying locally within the state boundaries. As per sources, the ministry has already submitted an affidavit to the National Green Tribunal, that it would come out with a policy on this issue soon.


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