Steering clear of the taxi aggregation business model, Jugnoo, a start-up venture has chosen to aim at the auto-rickshaw market. It has thus engineered an auto-rickshaw aggregation business model. According to Samar Singla, Co-founder and CEO, Jugnoo, “For a common man in India, the auto-rickshaw serves the same purpose as a taxi. It is cheaper and convenient, and most people use it to commute. The auto-rickshaw is really our taxi. It is therefore that we turned to this.” The idea to aim at the auto-rickshaw model was born out of the ability to convince auto-rickshaw drivers to get on the board. Yet, it took an amount of convincing and training the auto-rickshaw drivers to agree to be a part. Claimed to be a challenging venture by Singla, claiming to clock a CAGR of 65 per cent over the last seven months, Jugnoo, according to Singla, is expected to realise a business of 10 lakh rides a day. Looking at a presence in 100 cities, the start-up hopes to accrue an annual revenue of Rs. 75 crore during the FY2016.

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