Isuzu Motors Limited has announced the signing of a partnership agreement with Honda Motor Company for developing and providing the fuel cell system for Isuzu’s upcoming fuel cell-powered heavy-duty truck. The truck is lined up for release in 2027. Both Isuzu and Honda understand that that fuel cell technology employs hydrogen as fuel and produces zero CO2 emissions, therefore holding a great potential in attaining carbon neutrality for heavy-duty trucks. These trucks are specifically designed to tackle challenges such as high load capacity, prolonged usage, long-distance travel, and the requirement for rapid refueling.

Since the execution of an agreement in January 2020, to engage in collaborative research pertaining to fuel cell-based powertrains for heavy-duty trucks, both entities have been diligently working towards establishing a solid groundwork encompassing fundamental technologies. These technologies include ensuring the compatibility between fuel cells and heavy-duty trucks, as well as the development of vehicle control systems. Presently, the two companies are in the process of devising a plan to initiate real-world testing of a prototype truck on public roads before the conclusion of the ongoing fiscal year, set to end on March 31, 2024. Through the joint research and development endeavors undertaken by Isuzu and Honda, they have successfully created a fuel cell-powered heavy-duty truck that has been officially authorized with a Japanese license plate, permitting its operation on public roads.

Through the comprehensive utilization of acquired expertise and knowledge derived from their collaborative research, both entities are poised to continue their advancements in the creation of products that meet the stringent requirements and preferences of heavy-duty truck users, thereby ensuring utmost customer satisfaction.

Moving ahead, the two companies will leverage their individual strengths and intensify the pace of development for fuel cell-powered heavy-duty trucks that are characterized by their eco-friendly attributes, encompassing cleanliness, minimal noise, and reduced vibrations. This concerted effort will significantly contribute to the industry-wide transition toward the adoption of renewable energy sources, particularly in the realm of logistics enterprises. With a more proactive utilization of hydrogen energy, both Isuzu and Honda will tirelessly strive towards the shared objective of realizing a society that achieves carbon neutrality.

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