Instago, an intra-city travel application promises to benefit the people of Delhi as the national capital heads into the odd-even traffic scheme for the second time. The application brings all modes of intra-city transport on one single screen including cabs, autos, bike-taxi services or public transport. The option of booking cabs, bike-taxi services and autos is already live, and the option for public transports will be up on the app soon. An outcome of the efforts by three co-founders, an Ex-Googler, an FMS MBA alumnus, and a Silicon Valley techie, Instago makes available all the information centrally – at one place. It includes price, estimated time of arrival and duration of the trip on the app. With Instago, the ordeal of seeking and comparing information is expected to go down said co-founder Anmol Ahlawat. Mentioned another co-founder, co-founder Nakul Khanna, “People have an inherent desire to save not only money, but also time, and the current process of comparison is very tedious, because it involves switching between multiple apps and platforms. Instago simplifies this process, and helps commuters to economise on both time and money, thus ensuring maximum efficiency in day to day travel planning.”


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