Article by: Anusha B

Story by : Anusha B

The Indian Construction Equipment Manufacturers’ Association has collaborated with the Indian government to seek skilled manpower in the construction equipment industry.

The Indian Construction Equipment Manufacturers’ Association (ICEMA) has announced a collaboration with GoI (Government of India) to develop skilled manpower for the construction equipment industry. Through this exercise, ICEMA is planning to train 20 lakh workforce over the next 10 years. ICEMA sources claimed that the Indian technicians lag in infrastructure equipment handling skills. Training would be imparted to all those who are interested and found eligible through the new initiative. Anand Sundaresan, President, ICEMA, expressed that his organisation is instrumental in promoting the construction equipment industry in India. He added, “It is because of this, that we are focussing on skill development to increase employment in the rural areas and generation of skilled manpower. We are working in-line with the Make-in-India campaign to improve the quality of the equipment manufacture.”

Expected to generate 20 lakh jobs by 2020, and most of which will be addressed by engineers and ITI technicians, the Indian construction equipment industry, said Sundaresan, is finding it difficult to get people with the right skill sets. “With this initiative, training will be imparted for a span of three to six months depending upon the individual’s capability and the position they have been selected for. This is equivalent to diploma with good recognition across the country,” remarked Sundaresan. ICEMA sources claimed that the training, which will be given free of cost, would help the candidate secure the job of an entry level operator which would otherwise take three to four years to accomplish. He or she could reach the position of a supervisor in five years.

Looking forward to an effectual outcome that underpins the country as a thriving economy by 2020 through initiatives like this, ICEMA sources expressed that they hope the government will also help to curb against the dumping of imported low cost and low quality equipment. ICEMA sources stressed that it is becoming difficult to compete against the Chinese cost calculus. They mentioned that the equipment dumped does not carry a warranty, and their pedigree is a matter of concern. Priced lower, such construction equipment is posing a challenge for legitimate manufacturers who offer warranty and support, and icur higher costs by the virtue of the taxes they pay and the investments they have done in the country to manufacture the equipment under the stipulated framework.


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