Industry Voices Unanimously Endorse TractorsDekho as a Game-Changer for FarmersCarDekho Group, has announced the launch of TractorsDekho, an innovative online platform dedicated to serving India’s farming community. This strategic move marks the company’s expansion into the commercial and agricultural vehicle sector, with the aim of empowering farmers with the necessary tools to make informed decisions regarding farm equipment. TractorsDekho is meticulously crafted to simplify the intricate decision-making process that farmers often encounter when choosing tractors and related agricultural machinery. The platform serves as a dynamic nexus, connecting buyers, sellers, dealers, and service centers, thus providing a comprehensive network that facilitates seamless access to vital information and services. Mayank Jain, CEO of New Auto at CarDekho Group, highlighted the platform’s mission to demystify the tractor selection process for the agricultural community. He expressed, “Recognizing the pivotal role tractors play in farming and the challenges farmers face due to limited information, we aim to simplify their research process by guiding them towards the most suitable choices.” TractorsDekho pledges to be a repository of exhaustive information, offering expert advice and insights into the tractor industry, thereby bridging a significant gap in the current market. CarDekho emphasized, “As a comprehensive hub, TractorsDekho provides detailed information, expert advice, and insights about the tractor industry.” Established in 2008, CarDekho Group has rapidly emerged as a key player in the automotive online sphere, boasting approximately 60 million monthly active users. With a valuation of $1.2 billion, the company has diversified its interests across various sectors, including insurtech with InsuranceDekho, fintech through Rupyy, and shared mobility via Revv. CarDekho’s robust financial backing from prominent investors such as Peak XV (Sequoia), Hillhouse Capital, CapitalG, Ratan Tata Trust, and ESG-focused investment fund Leapfrog, as well as major Indian banks like HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, and Axis Bank, fortifies its foray into the agricultural domain with substantial financial and strategic support.

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