Broken tail light or turn indicator lens in commercial vehicles is not a rare occurrence given the amount of kilometers they accumulate in a short time. 3M has introduced ‘Lens Repair Films’ that, irrespective of the shape of the tail light, aim to fix a broken or cracked lens. Available in red, amber and clear colour, the repair films are backed with super-strong adhesives meant as a remedy for those left with broken or cracked tail lights. Providing a cost competitive alternative to replacing the entire lamp assembly, these films are air-tight and water-tight. They function well till one decides to replace the broken tail light. Designed for tail lights, signal lights, parking lights and side directional lights, the repair films are easy to cut to appropriate length and shape. The user has to ensure that the lens is clean, mark an outline on the film (at least half an inch larger than the damaged area to ensure proper bonding) and cut the lens to size with house-hold scissors. Peeling the adhesive liner and applying the film is all that it takes.


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