The All India Transporters’ Welfare Association (AITWA) has issued a statement that urges transporters to tread carefully; adopt measures to safeguard the transport and trade business amid uncertain times made worse by Covid-19. Insisting that they securing their employees working in the sector amid over 90 lakh trucks being unutilised for the last two months, AITWA has indicated in its statement that considerable losses are going to come the way of the transporters as they have to pay road tax, insurance, permit fees for the whole year despite operating for lesser months. Drawing attention to vehicle capacity exceeding much beyond expectation due to demand contraction once normalcy prevails, AITWA in its statement has said that transporters refrain from buying new trucks to avoid financial turmoil during the FY 2020-21 financial year. Doing this would ensure better utilisation of trucks from the existing truck parc, the statement read. 

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