40 JBM ECO-LIFE electric buses were flagged off today from Indrapuri Urban Health Centre by Kirit Parmar, Hon’ble Chief Mayor of Ahmedabad on the 75th Independence Day. These buses shall operate under the existing BRTS scheme by Ahmedabad Janmarg Ltd (AJL). This is the second batch of buses that have been inducted today in addition to the previous 50 buses that were rolled out in May 2021. 

ECO-LIFE electric bus is a Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV), manufactured by JBM Auto Ltd. It claims to save around 1000 equivalent tons of carbon dioxide and 350,000 litres of diesel over 10 years of operation. ECO-LIFE is powered by fast-charging lithium-ion batteries that can run up to 250 km per day with opportunity charging and depending on the city’s traffic conditions. These buses are equipped with all modern features like Real Time Passenger Information System (PIS), Panic Buttons for emergency, Automatic Bus Vehicle Location System, CCTV cameras, public address system, Stop request buttons to name a few. These busses include features like mobile charging socket with every seat, public announcement system, EBS, electric doors, fire extinguishers and fire detection and suppression systems. to name a few. 

JBM Auto has commissioned an end to end e-mobility ecosystem at the Vastral depot which includes the buses, charging infrastructure, power infrastructure and maintenance as a complete solution. The company has installed fast-charging station that will facilitate seamless bus operation across the city. JBM has also provisioned high-tech power infrastructure and energy management system for efficient monitoring and control.

Real-Time Passenger Information System shall keep the location of the bus updated for the passengers travelling on the bus. Safety features such as CCTV cameras have been installed inside the bus that will aid in the uninterrupted surveillance of activities inside the buses. Passengers can use the stop request button to alert the driver to stop the bus at the upcoming bus stop. JBM ECO-LIFE bus incorporates other utility features such as Vehicle Health Monitoring System, Fire Detection & Suppression System, public address system etc. For drivers, the ergonomically designed dashboard provides an intuitive and user-friendly system that allows drivers to concentrate on driving without distractions which makes it a truly global product.


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