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Bridgestone India reaches out to Truckers for their safety and health during the pandemic

Press Release | During the pandemic, a very crucial segment that was responsible for ensuring that no shortages took place and kept open the supply chains to industries, markets and consumers across India was the Trucker community. This community, at great personal health risk travelled across the length and breadth of India ensuring that economic activity continues. This community is[Read More…]

by June 11, 2021 News
India’s GPS system NavIC

India’s GPS system NavIC

In what is looked upon as an interesting development in the area of telematics, and which would make it easier for transporters to move beyond their current use of GPS or telematics, Government of India is claimed to be working on an indigenously built Global Positioning System (GPS) NavIC. Navigation with India constellation (NavIC) challenges the current GPS system of[Read More…]

by July 27, 2018 News