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The Pure Technicians At Sarbloh Motors

The Pure Technicians At Sarbloh Motors

At Chandigarh based dealership Sarbloh Motors, off-roading is only when it’s laced with the extreme. Sumesh Soman caught up with the pure technicians to understand offerings at the niche, one-stop-shop. Coming across as pure technicians, at Chandigarh based Sarbloh Motors (Infinia Greentech Pvt. Ltd) founded in the year 2015, the motto is to make extreme off-roaders available to all. Going[Read More…]

by October 20, 2021 News, OFF-Highway
“You have to push subsystem
automation so far and make these
machines so capable of monitoring their
health, their performance, that along the
way you can deliver these back to the
customers as simplifications.”
- Brett McClelland, CNH industrial

Autonomy Kicks Up Some Dust

Machines that move, haul and plough earth can capitalise on autonomous systems today via increased safety and productivity in the field and significant cost savings writes Ryan Gehm. Autonomous operation for on-highway commercial vehicles has grabbed headlines and public attention, rightfully so since these haulers increasingly will share the roads with passenger vehicles. But there is a lot of interesting[Read More…]

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