The Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) is soon expected to be left with 3775 buses, claim industry sources. They add that this number is much less than the 11,000 buses as per a government affidavit submitted to the court. According to the sources, the state bus agency has 4,150 buses, of which 300-400 are standard-floor buses, which will be scrapped in the next four to five months. These low-floor buses were acquired by DTC in 2010, and at a time when DTC expanded its fleet by a good margin. The Delhi Government promised to add 3,000 buses after phase I and II of the odd-even scheme was over. A thousand buses were to be added to the DTC fleet; another thousand were to be added to the cluster system. So far, only 100 buses have been added to the cluster system, claim sources. They add that not a single midi or small bus has been added out of the. 500 midi or smaller buses that were expected. With 10 to 15 per cent of the fleet unavailable due to maintenance and other issues, DTC, sources say, has a reason to worry. With over 35 lakh people riding DTC buses per day, it is essential that the government addresses their travelling woes.

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