With the enforcement of Bus Body Code from April 1, 2015, Volvo Buses India has announced that its buses are compliant and ready. A release put out by Volvo Buses has claimed not only are its buses fully compliant, they are being offered with ABS as standard. The Bus Body Code claimed Volvo sources, include active safety, passive safety and personal security solutions in the form of driver & passenger awareness, information items as well as tools specially designed for use in the event of an emergency. The mandate to make ABS a standard feature in commercial vehicles has far reaching implications for road safety, VRV Sriprasad, Managing Director, Volvo Buses India expressed that the implementation of the Bus Body Code is an important landmark for the bus industry. He added, “Volvo Buses will continue to bring in new technologies and features, while continuing to emphasise on making good drivers even better at out Driver Training Centre. It is our strong belief that safety begins with driver behaviour and best practices. Volvo has trained close to 60,000 drivers till date, which includes about 26,000 bus drivers alone. This gives us confidence to focus on preventing accidents itself.”

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